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Sonoma Wool Co.: – Eco-friendly, Natural Dish Drying Mat

Sonoma Wool Co.: - Eco-friendly, Natural Dish Drying Mat

If there is one thing I value in my home, it is the sustainable products I use. I have clothing, beauty supplies, blankets and wool products like my Sonoma Wool Co. Natural Dish Drying Mat made with 100% wool in a linen sleeve. The quality of their wool makes everyday items like mats and bedding a special addition to any home at affordable prices.

Dish Drying Mat

My Dish Drying Mat looks natural on the counter and the all-natural fibers are much better than synthetic plastics I used to use in its place. Not only do I love the eco-friendly feature, but this mat will last me years and I can clean the sleeve by machine washing it (only the linen sleeve is safe to wash). The wool mat naturally dries while sitting on the counter.

Sonoma Wool Company

Why do I use a wool mat?

  • 100% natural – no dyes
  • Absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture
  • Naturally resists mold and mildew
  • 100% wool and linen
Wool products

Visit the Sonoma Wool Co website and order yours today. You will also find other quality wool products.

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