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Philips Sonicare For Kids Ice Age: Collision Course Toothbrush

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The mornings are rough as it is. From packing lunches to settling tantrums and hair knots, we have enough to do. I work at the HS so when school goes back into session, I go back to work. I am settling into another work routine as my son settles into his new school routine. He is 8 and I have shown him many times how to brush his teeth so I can just tell him to go do it.

However, at the last dentist cleaning they asked if he brushes in his own, “yes”, you may need to still guide him because he is missing his front teeth. I can see him in their brushing away and assumed he had it down. I was wrong and now I need to add brushing his teeth to my morning routine. Thankfully, Philips Sonicare has partnered with Ice Age: Collision Course (now in theaters) to make tooth brushing fun for little ones. I will still monitor him, but now I have a tool.


“The NEW limited edition Philips Sonicare For Kids Ice Age: Collision Course has Bluetooth® technology that connects the power toothbrush directly to its customizable FREE interactive Ice Age coaching app. With the help of their fun personal brushing coach, “Sparkly” and his bag of tricks and games, kids develop a lifetime of healthy oral care habits and get rewards for doing a thorough job each time they brush. Parents can even monitor their child’s routine by reviewing their brushing habits on the separate, parent dashboard and set up milestones and rewards to motivate their child to brush their teeth twice a day.”

How great is this. So, we put it to the test. I opened the box and out came lots of stickers so he can personalize the front plate. He was searching for red because it is his favorite color and he bases all decisions and choices off of that color right now. Pink was as close to red as there was so he chose that sticker.



Next we loaded the app. I simply downloaded it, turned on my bluetooth and it connected flawlessly. We named our Sparkly coach. My son chose the name….Sparkly. Right away he got his first ‘gift’ for brushing- a tube of toothpaste to add to achievements in his app.

FullSizeRender (4)

The app has a ‘Start Brushing’ feature. Once you get some toothpaste on your Sonicare and are ready to start you press that feature. It then shows a live guide- that works around top of the mouth focusing on the back, tips and front of teeth. If you watch and mimic their brushing guide you will have a complete brushing in the recommended time. When done, open your ‘gift’. Sparkly loves rewarding for proper brushing. The brush itself has 2 levels for fast and slow speeds. Your child will likely want to start at a low setting if new to a power tooth brush. However, they may switch and that just requires 1 press of a button.

IMG_8765 IMG_8766

Find your child their Philips Sonicare For Kids Ice Age: Collision Course online at Phillips or at Amazon, Walmart and Walgreen stores for $49.99. It is a toothbrush that will last as they grow. Visit Phillips to learn more.

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Elizabeth O.

How cool is this toothbrush! It definitely makes brushing more fun for kids and I like that you can connect an app to it too. That’s awesome.

Karlaroundtheworld | Karla

That looks neat! I wish I could have one for myself, usually the ones made for kids are the sturdiest and most effective when it comes to the bristles formation.

Sylvia J

This is really awesome toothbrush! I never thought this before.

Nikki Wayne

Wow, this is the kind of toothbrush I am looking for. My son will surely love this!

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