SnuggleBumpkinz AdaptiFIT™ Swaddling Sleep Sack

I was sent product for feature. Opinions are my own

SnuggleBumpkinz AdaptiFIT™ Swaddling Sleep Sack

The AdaptiFIT™ from SnuggleBumpkinz is a self-stick baby swaddle blanket that holds itself in place just by pressing the blanket with your hand! It really takes only seconds to wrap baby and you don’t have swaddle corners popping out as you wrap or after.

I always knew there had to be a better way to swaddle and there is now! Yes! It does come with a breathable cotton layer so baby does not overheat. That was always an important feature for me.

The best part it is this swaddling sleep sack (which is what I call them?!) grows with baby – arms in/legs in, legs out, arms out for transitioning plus legs can be swaddled up or down depending on what baby likes or needs as they transition to independent sleep.

The designs are so fun. I have the Bears design. The material is soft yet lightweight and perhaps I need one to sleep better at night myself. I could get used to being snuggled up in this fabric.

Visit https://snugglebumpkinz.com/ to see more features and designs and order for you or someone you know today who can use an easier way to swaddle baby!

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