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Best-Selling Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

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Do you shop Amazon? Can you imagine searching for memory foam pillows and how many would pull up to choose from? When I try to narrow down the best product such a pillow I look by ratings first, then I try to look for additional features and cost to find value on a top rated item. Snuggle-Pedic offers pillows and one is a bamboo pillow that has memory foam. It has over 7,000 verified reviews and with a 4.5 rating is now an Amazon Top Seller pillow.

I used to have several down pillows until I tried a memory foam pillow a bit over a year ago. One of the things I noticed was how much better these pillows hold their shape. I had to constantly fluff my down pillows and would buy all new ones once or twice a year because they completely lost all shape and comfort. Some memory foam pillows are real heavy though and I had to get used to a firmer pillow and then I had some shoulder problems so had to use a contoured pillow. Now my pillows are either too heavy or they lose shape and comfort. The Snuggle-Pedic offered me something new and so much better.

The Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is made of a proprietary mix of hypo-allergenic and extremely low V.O.C. Biogreen® memory foam and CertiPUR-US® certified foam. The very small pieces are extremely soft and fluffy and make the pillow lighter and more resilient than the usual shredded memory foam pillows found on the market. I found this to be true after just a few short nights. With my old pillow I was reminded how much worse it feels when I sleep on that right shoulder. With this better-shape pillow I woke up one morning and realized that I just woke up on my right side and have no ache. For me that is exciting. See, when my shoulder aches I also feel it in my neck so that is why a pillow has been so important to control my should pain.

Their pillow is available in standard, queen or king. There is also a kids pillow option as well. There is a 90-night trial available and a 20-year guarantee for these pillows that are hand mad in Southern California. Shop now for a better night’s sleep!


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Kristen from The Road to Domestication

Interesting! I love that it’s hypo-allergenic and that you can test it for a trial period! A pillow is a tricky thing, that’s for sure!

Julie Syl

A comfortable and soft pillow is such an important thing when sleeping. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow has a perfect characteristics to have a better sleep.

Dia All The Things I Do

I’ve never tried a memory foam pillow. This is coming from a girl who actively uses 4 pillows when she sleeps. I had a car accident 7 years ago so I have to make sure I’m properly supported when I sleep. I should try one. Then maybe I wouldn’t have to do so much adjusting.

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