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If ever a healthy breakfast could make mornings easier! Nothing gives me the satisfaction that I am starting my day off right than when I pack my blender with nutrient-rich veggies and fruits and make a morning smoothie. I would do it more often if it wasn’t for all the prep and mess. I need quick and on-the-go most mornings. I found the Super Smoothie SmoothieBox that comes to your door!

A typical SmoothieBox has 20 pre-portioned smoothie bags and all you do is add your liquid of choice and any other powders/additives if you wish. The contents + liquid like water, almond milk, etc.. is enough for a nutrient-rich smoothie. I even caught the tween in the kitchen over the weekend making himself a Berry Flavor SmoothieBox smoothie. He just added water and also grabbed a banana and added that too (not necessary, but he did). To make sure I get enough protein I add a scoop of nut butter and I also add in flax seeds and typically choose water. They are so delicious and quick!

At SmoothieBox there are 4 different flavor packs:

  1. Cacao Flavor: tastes like a chocolate covered banana! Inside you get organic bananas, zucchini and kale along with cacao chips, coconut water, coconut cream, sunflower seeds and cacao nibs + powder. For great skin and natural energy, enjoy a couple of Cacao Smoothies each week. Excellent post-workout!
  2. Green Flavor: tastes like a mild citrus-like refreshing smoothie. Adding extra apple or mango really elevated this flavor! To me, I would call this the most refreshing taste of the 4. Inside you get organic chopped spinach, granny smith apples, avocado, pineapple, lemon juice, smoothie chips (frozen smoothie chunks), apple juice, flax seeds and hemp hearts. A great dose of fiber and Vitamin C. Makes a great lunch and your digestive system’s new BFF!
  3. Berry Flavor: tastes like a berry paradise! Inside you get organic wild blueberries, strawberries, cauliflower, berry chips (frozen berry bits), sweet potato puree, banana puree, lemon juice, beet juice and raw hemp seeds. A great pre-workout smoothie. Your heart and brain will love these ingredients!
  4. Clementine Flavor: mix with a nut milk and you can have an orange dreamsicle flavor! This is the most versatile of all the flavors and you can have a lot of fun adding just about anything you wish to this pack. Inside you get mandarin, organic sweet potato, carrots, ginger clementine chips (frozen bits), coconut cream, lemon juice, pumpkin seeds, coconut water and dates. It’s naturally high in vitamin C, B vitamins, amino acids, and magnesium to boost your energy and help your nervous system.

*Keep in mind that all the ingredients listed above are organic. For simplicity I did not label ‘organic’ before every ingredient. They are the best of ingredients and sources.

You can see in the photos that they are sent as pre-portioned bags – 5 of each flavor. You can add on a mug and a daily dose of collagen too if you wish. You can also rearrange the flavors if you wish, so you are sent only your favorites. The smoothies are vegan and gluten/dairy free. You will not find any added sugar or artificial ingredients.

You can save $15 off of your SmoothieBox + Free Shipping with code SMOOTHIEFAN15 at through 12/31/21. Visit

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gloria patterson

I did not know they had smoothie boxes. It is a pain to keep and mix all the stuff together. I like the ideal of fo 1-2-3 and its done…. going to check on this