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Smallest Rechargeable Laser Distance Measurer by Stanley

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The men! What do we get the men for the Holidays? Do you dare buy car parts or tools? You would have to know exactly what you are buying and when you want it to be a surprise it is hard to ask questions and be slick. There are some common tools you can buy even when you know nothing about tools. Stanley has always been a trusted brand in our home and now they have a new gadget that anyone can use to make DIY and home life easier. It is the Smallest Rechargeable Laser Distance Measurer.

Smallest Rechargeable Laser Distance Measurer by Stanley

Smallest Rechargeable Laser Distance Measurer by Stanley

What is a Rechargeable Laser Distance Measurer? If you do woodworking or DIY or even hang wall pictures and fixtures then this little gadget should be kept nearby. Measuring with a tape measure, especially if you don’t have an extra hand can be challenging. With this distance meter you get the measurement you ned for interior projects and your hands are free to go mark your spots.

  • 1/4″ at 30 ft for accuracy
  • 30 ft range for tackling most measuring tasks
  • Lithium-Ion battery for on the go USB charging

Trust me! This makes a very handy stocking stuffer or gift that will get used. Have an office party with a lot of male coworkers you need to bring a game gift for? Wrap this little gadget and it will be a hit. Visit Stanley for even more gift ides.

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Our middle son is away at College and this year he has requested tools for gifts. He wants to start building his own tool collection. He can’t start his first tool collection without a toolbox and with renting school apartments he’ll need something portable because he is bound to move again. The STANLEY® Essential Rolling Workshop is the perfect gift! Whether you are starting your first tool collection or transporting your tools around, it has 3 storage solutions in 1 set. The bottom is a bin that is great for the drill or drivers and small power tools. The middle is a caddy great for hammers and longer hand tools. The top is a tool box and organizer. For the smaller jobs you can just take the top box and go, leaving the caddy behind.

rolling toolbox

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