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Small Garden Ideas with Seedsheet: Mini Garden Kits

When we were house shopping in 2017 we looked for a home with a smaller yard. We were tired of spending our entire weekend maintaining property so we wanted a small, east-to-maintain yard. This also means we lose space for any planting. We do have a small patch in the front yard and all grass and rock in the back.

To grow from seeds I need to use containers and that looks so untidy having start containers all over. Our best sun is the front yard and I take pride on my yard looking clean from the street. Then I found out about Seedsheet kits! The best seedling kit for small garden ideas.

  • Each sheet includes a variety of pre-selected organic, Non-GMO seeds in a dissolvable seed pouches for seamless planting
  • Seedsheet software (app) sends useful tips, reminders and recipes to ensure a fully-grown garden for maximum harvests
  • Fabric container keeps weeds from affecting plant growth and health
  • Each sheet is specially designed with strategic pod placements to facilitate maximum growth
  • Harvesting tips to maximize food production every season

The Mini Garden Kits include:Mini Garden Kits include

Grow Your Own Mini Herbs Kit

  • It includes: organic sweet basil, cilantro and dill

Grow Your Own Mini Salad Kit

  • It includes: kale, arugula and spinach

Grow Your Own Mini Pesto Kit

  • It includes: sweet basil, purple basil and Greek basil

Each kit includes potting soil, saucer, watering nozzle and security stake

What would you like to grow? Herbs, Greens, Root-Vegetables, Fruiting Plants or something fun and funky? Where would you like to plant? Indoors, balcony, stoop, deck, backyard or a window sill? Seedsheet has a set for you no matter the size or space.

Look at me herbs after almost 2 weeks! I never forget to water because I get text alerts of encouragement along the way. If I can make herbs and plants grow, anyone can!

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