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Sleuth & Solve: Science: 20+ Mind-Twisting Mysteries Book Review

Sleuth & Solve: Science: 20+ Mind-Twisting Mysteries

We have always been a fan of the Sleuth & Solve books in our home! I love that they keep making new mystery books and this is their newest. The Sleuth & Solve: Science edition has 20+ mind-twisting mysteries to solve. There lies a mystery or puzzle to solve on every page and the answers are under the flap, so no spoilers until you lift and see.

The mysteries require science, technology, engineering, and math concepts to solve. There is a scientific explanation and ideas for STEM experiments included. This book series, from Chronicle Books makes a great gift for science and mystery lovers ages 8-12.

Pre-order on Amazon. Release date is October 25, 2022!

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