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Skylanders Spring Limited Edition Toys for Easter and Shopping Tips

This is a promotional post for Activision. Product was provided. Opinions are my own

Do you have a Skylanders fan or fans in your home who have a wish list of Skylander characters they want? While we have joy filling Easter baskets with stuff our kids love, Skylanders is sure to be a hit basket filler. To make the Easter joy even more fun, Skylanders Trap Team has 3 Limited Edition Spring toys that come in egg-shaped cases. These work in the portals and are playable as characters in the game. Now, if you are like me you may browse the aisles wondering which one to choose from within that vast Skylanders section. I always think I remember what characters my son has until I am standing in front of the pegs at the store and begin second guessing myself. There are so many and even with the Trap Team series being the most recent, my son has some characters from the Giants and Swap Force series he still wants too. 
How to shop for Skylander gifts?
  1. Take photos! If you are buying for a relative, have them send you one. If you line up the characters your child has and snap a photo with your phone then you can easily pull it up as you stand in the store and be sure you don’t buy a character they already have.
  2. It is OK to buy a trap they have, just buy one with a different emblem on top! There will be traps for each element and the goal is to have at least one trap per element as soon as possible, then collect the different types. Whether it is an air, earth, magic (etc) trap, every trap has a name, so the goal would be to collect the ‘named’ traps. See the Bunny trap above in my photo? Bunny Earth Trap is one Earth Trap and there will be other Earth traps with some top besides a bunny and a name for that design. We talk a bit about this in the video below.
  3. Browse retailers first. Retailers do offer Skylander specials. Many times you can find Buy 1: Get 1 50% off or similar sales and General Mills has special Skylanders Trap Team cereal boxes that come with a card game and coupons inside the box.
  4. Skylanders are marked by their base. Each character is either a Mini, Trap Master or Core Skylanders. To help distinguish, the minis are usually the 2-packs of the smallest characters. Trap Masters are the large-sized characters (typically running $14.99 USD) and the Core characters are the average-sized characters (typically priced about $9.99 USD). You can also get special sets and packs. As you look at any character or items base, it has a terrain and color that will identify it for its element. The package tells you the element, but if packaging is missing, you can identify them from their base. 

3 NEW Spring Limited Edition Trap Team Toys
  • Power Punch Jet – Vac: Jet-Vac was the greatest, most daring flying ace in all of Windham.  He was given his magical wings when he was young, as was the tradition for all Air Barons.  But when his homeland was raided, he chose to sacrifice his wings to a young mother so she could fly her children to safety.  This act of nobility caught the attention of Master Eon, who sought out the young Air Baron and presented him with a gift – a powerful vacuum device that would allow him to soar through the skies once again. Jet-Vac accepted the gift with gratitude, and now daringly fights evil alongside the other Skylanders.
  • Eggsellent Weeruptor: Weeruptor was chosen as this year’s official mascot for the Annual Dragon Egg Hunt!  Being new to this time honored tradition, he disguised himself as a candy-coated egg and proceeded to capture Spyro, Cynder, and Drobot within a Traptanium basket… sort of missing the point of the occasion.  But what he lacks in point-getting, he more than makes up for in “Eggsellence!”
  • Bunny Earth Trap:The Bunny Earth Trap is one of the most unique Traps of the bunch and features a cute bunny-themed design.

Find these characters and more at your local retailer in the electronics section!

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Will you be buying Skylanders this season?

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