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Sky Ropes book review | A girl’s journey to overcome trauma

Sky Ropes book follows one girl's journey to overcome trauma

Sky Ropes is a book for ages 10 and up from Chronicle Publishing. It comes in Hardback or Kindle and is a story about a girl’s journey to overcome trauma and her bravery. The girl is Breanna and she is attending her school’s teambuilding camp. The major exercise will be ascending Sky Ropes—the highest ropes course in the state. She has zero plans to accomplish this.

Breanna’s trauma is her Father’s abuse. Somehow, the fear from her past is colliding with her fear of that Sky Ropes at the end of camp week. She makes the most of camp with friends. You will get to know her prankster and fun personality, you will feel her trauma and the tense moments she is feeling as the Sky Ropes challenge nears. You will cheer for her and go along the journey of all her internal struggles and realizations in the end. This book is great for those struggling with anxiety, fear and who love adventure stories.

Sky Ropes is written by Sondra Soderborg, a former practicing attorney, child advocate, and teacher at both a high school and a prison. But now on Amazon.

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