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Shop FossilEra for high quality fossils, collectable minerals and crystals

Shop FossilEra for high quality fossils, collectable minerals and crystals

Maybe I can just show you all of the photos I took of my order from FossilEra because they are so much fun. I was blown away at the quality that arrived in my order. I was browsing their website looking at stones, crystals and even shark teeth. I saw that there were some fossil plates and I love to entertain so I was intrigued. I ordered the 11.1″ Tropical Hardwood Petrified Wood Dish from Indonesia. Wow! It is gorgeous and heavy.

Petrified Wood

I decided I want to find a place in the bar area and have visions of placing a few wrapped candies or mints to make it useful if entertaining. I love all the imperfections I would expect from a real piece of petrified wood. FossilEra really impressed on the way it was packaged. It was wrapped very securely.

Fossil plate

They even included a free gift. I found this cut and polished Agatized Ammonite Fossil. My teen claimed it right away for his nightstand. Every item comes with an identifier card so you have all of the descriptions on your piece.


I also ordered a few Worry Stones. I chose Black Obsidian from Mexico and the Red Jasper is from an unknown region, but my son loves fidgeting with these and wanted a ‘red’ stone. I ordered a few extra because they are fun to add to gifts.

worry stones

FossilEra is located in Monroe, Wa near my town. They are a trusted source of all your fossils and collectable minerals and crystals. Shop FossilEra today!

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Mia E.

The petrified wood makes such a unique and special centerpiece.

gloria patterson

The petrified wood is something I would like to have. beautiful and would love to see all the diffeenent styles/colors