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Shimmeez Color Changing and Squeezamals Plush Animals

Shimmeez Color Changing and Squeezamals Soft Animals

What are color changing Shimmeez?

Shimmeez are color changing animals with reversible sequins. Ever hear of the kids asking for ‘mermaid pillows’? These are the same shimmer sequin concept on adorable animals. You will not be able to help yourself and ‘draw’ throw these animals.

There are 10 animals to choose from and they are all 2-toned so see how this works below and they come in 8″ and 14″ sizes.

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What are Squeezamals?

Squeezamals are soft and squishy foam-stuffed animals. They are slow rising and make great little stress balls for adults even. I find myself taking my son’s Squeezamals animal ( Dax) and squishing him mindlessly. You know that weird satisfaction you get pressing your hand into a memory foam pad? That’s what playing with these feel like.

There are over 20 animals to choose from and they come in 3.5″ and 18″ sizes.

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