SHADO by ThinOptics Sunglasses Collection Review

A unique brand in the sunglasses world includes ThinOptics, the thinnest eyewear I have ever seen! The styles are what you enjoy, the weight is lighter than a nickel and the size is smaller than your cellphone! I was a bit curious before they arrived and they exceeded my expectations They look great and I feel like I am not wearing any sunglasses. The clarity is fantastic with the polarized lenses

I have the Menlo Park Sunglasses from the Wanderlust collection of SHADO eyewear. ThinOptics really succeeded in making sunglasses that are lightweight yet stylish and effective. My sunglasses have full UV protection and are treated with an anti-reflective coat, preventing back reflections. They have a backing that will attach to my cell phone to easily carry with me. They stay on my face and fit very comfortably

I love modern styles and most importantly, I want to be able to afford new and modern products. At under $80, these are a great value for the quality and features unlike any sunglasses I have owned. Use my exclusive coupon code to save 30%!! Coupon Code: FYIErin at ThinOptics.

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I want to buy this items.


These sunglasses are great for beach trips but I’m still wondering about their price.

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drift hunters

I was interested before they came and they surpassed my expectations.


It appeals to me much. Thank you very much
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There are more and more beautiful glass collections


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