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Send your College Student off with this stress reliever – The Grumpy Octopus

Send your College Student off with this stress reliever - The Grumpy Octopus

Kids are graduated, the Country is heading to post-COVID and once again, we prepare to send our oldest of teens off to College. This means phone calls instead of walking through the door and care packages as our thread of line we have left to them. I had fun putting together care packages when our son went off to College. Had I known about this cuddly and hard-not-to-love plush, The Grumpy Octopus would definitely have lived in a dorm with him!

It is simple, an angry red octopus who is a plush with glitter eyes and a velvet feel. It is hard to stay in a bad mood because when you look over and see its grumpy face it is hard not to crack a smile. I can see him being a dorm pal at homework time or the stormy weather, he will sit and dwell in the pity with your child away from home.

Seriously, you want him, don’t you? He even has an Instagram page! He is created by San Diegan Amr Ahmed, who wanted an original plush for his sister. Inspired by the iPhone emoji and a touch of traits from Oscar the Grouch, Squidward, Grumpy the dwarf, Diego the saber-tooth tiger from Ice Age, Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec, and the infamous Grumpy Cat, he is a great companion who loves to hate everyone as much as they love him.

The Grumpy Octopus is available on Amazon and is a must-have for the dorm, Dad or a gag gift!

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