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Scar Away Scar Repair Gel heals new and old scars

This is a promotional post for ScarAway. Opinions are my own

Several weeks ago I burnt the top of my hand pretty bad. I was reaching in the oven to grab a dish and we have a gas stove. As I turn my head to respond to my son, I lifted too high and my hand rose right into the flame. I was left with 2 scars beside each other across the top of my hand. Then I was sent ScarAway Scar Repair Gel and new I had to try on this burn scar! To really repair skin it takes time and the ScarAway states a 60-90 day repair time which is very fair. I am sharing this with you a little over a week after use. I truly believe after a full 60-90 days the difference will be huge as you can already see the results after only 1 week. 
If you can look closely, the upper scar is almost faded away and the bottom scar has decreased a bit in size as well. I can notice it greatly looking at my own hand. 
About ScarAway Scar Repair Gel
  • Effective on old and new scars
  • Protects like a sheet over the skin using Kelo-cote® patented silicone technology
  • Flexible, breathable and waterproof
  • 24-hour efficacy
  • Odorless and transparent
  • Apply twice a day
  • Can use lotions or sunscreens on top

I notice that there is no residue or feeling of a layer as it blends in very well. I keep it at my desk (because I’m always here) so I remember to apply morning and night. 
You can find ScarAway products at most retailers and drug stores. 
Learn more and visit
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