2023 Holidays

Save on Gift Wrap and Greeting Cards at Current Catalog

Save on Gift Wrap and Greeting Cards at Current Catalog

This year I not only stocked myself up with Christmas wrap, birthday wrap, cards and more, I grabbed extra for a raffle basket donation! I had no problem stocking up in one spot at Current Catalog because their prices are amazing and paired with shipping deals they have often and free gift items I am just upset I only discovered them this year!

I typically build Holiday wrap items in with my Black Friday weekend shopping and that has me remembering so many things while out and about in hectic stores. To shop these early deals and already have my wrap ready to go after it arrived at my door checks one Holiday task off of my list early on.

In my order, they had some Buy 1:Get 1 Free Deals on these adorable Cardinal gift totes. They are nice and large to use as gift bags for bigger items. We have a Sunshine Club at work so all of the red/white decor items and some of the bags I got for free are all being built as a Holiday Gift wrap basket that someone will win at the end of this month to encourage donations from staff. I think it makes a great gift basket idea near the Holidays. Someone will be blessed with their gift wrap needs for the season including Christmas cards.

Current has all of your gifting needs and as much as I ordered, it came all packaged in one box. It was not sent in many different shipments like other retailers do and saving on packaging makes my recycling heart happy! Don’t forget to restock the birthday wrap and cards as well. We have some fall birthdays so I grabbed some adorable wrapping paper in large rolls that will wrap so many gifts. Make sure you visit the Current Catalog online today and get your gift wrap ordered!

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Amber Myers

Thank you! I always love to save. I will check Current out. I need some gift wrap.

Lavanda Michelle

Your recommendation came at the perfect time as I’m gearing up for the holiday season, and your insights about the quality, deals, and the convenience of ordering from Current Catalog were incredibly helpful.

Beautiful Touches

That polka dotted gift wrapping paper has such a whimsical but sweet feel to it!


Perfect timing! I ALWAYS forget to get wrapping paper until the last minute and my husband has to run out and get it for me. Thanks!


This is the most important part for Christmas gifts! Thank you for your suggestions for saving money on it!