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SANSI LED Light Bulbs for the Home and Office

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LED Light Bulbs in Home

Recently I updated my office space so I can have a new comfort while writing. I made a few changes from the decor to changing to LED light bulbs. When it comes to lighting a space, how do you choose a light bulb? Do you just buy an identical bulb to what burnt out, shop for sales or look for energy efficient?


No matter how you switch out your burnt out bulbs or decide to change lighting in a room, knowing how different light sources work can be a huge benefit. Some lights flicker, harming the eyes. Some lights give an all-over lighting as opposed to directional. Some lights take a lot of energy to run. This post is all about LED light bulbs and I have teamed up with SANSI Technology, Inc. because they have bulbs for the home and office that are effective, safe and energy efficient.

LED light bulbs office

How do LED Light Bulbs work

When you turn on an LED bulb an electrical current passes through the semiconductor material. This is what lights the tiny LED sources. LED lighting is more directional so that it can effectively light up an area which means it uses the lighting and energy more efficiently. I learned that ENERGY STAR LED bulbs are subject to very specific requirements so that they can replicate the experience you are used to with a standard A-type bulb.

LED Light Bulbs

Why choose SANSI LED bulbs?

  • Energy Efficient – Equivalent to a 150-Watt incandescent bulb, these 17-watt LED lights can help you save hundreds over the lifetime of the bulb
  • Quality – SANSI bulbs are crafted to international safety and reliability standards, including UL
  • Safe on the eyes: Along with dimmable adjustability that saves on energy costs, our LED bulbs offer no flicker and stable control to protect your eyesight
  • Warm Light- These gorgeous LED bulbs provide soft, warm white lighting to help reduce eye strain, increase visual range, and enhance décor.

SANSI LED lights have lit up many signs and displays you may have been exposed to from billboards in Times Square, Illinois Stadium, the Shanghai Expo and many more worldwide. They are a leading innovator of LED applications so you know they have put careful and innovative technologies into creating lighting that is safe, uses less of our planets energy and will last longer saving you money in the long run.

LED Light Bulbs

I use LED light bulbs in my car and the lighting I get cannot compare to the factory lighting it came with. I use SANSI LED lights in my office and in the center light fixture in my kitchen. Because the lighting is a big enough difference in crispness and more direct lighting I am in the process of replacing all of my lighting, especially in the kitchen with LED bulbs. You can find the SANSI bulbs on Amazon such as the SANSI LED Light Bulb, high lumens 2300lm Dimmable bulb and the Ceramic Body and Glass Mask bulbs I am using in my home.

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