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San Francisco Salt Company’s Smoked Sea Salts

I was sent samples for feature

Summer, BBQ and seasoned meats! To some people summer means the kids are home all day long and getting outdoors is a must for the sanity of the house and everyone inside. When the day has involved many hours outdoors, grilling dinner makes sense and that will happen a lot this season. Many times I am not prepared enough to thaw meat the day prior and have it marinade for flavor for hours. This is when I grab salts and seasonings to flavor my meats and veggies before grilling.


The San Francisco Salt Company knows its salts from healing bath salts to chef salts that come in so many varieties depending on your recipes from baking to grilling. I have an assortment of their Smoked Sea Salts and my meats will step up in flavor this season. My brother is a Chef and drooled over my bottles so I allowed him to choose two to keep and he chose the Apple Smoked and Alderwood Smoked Sea Salts for his cooking.
When to grab flavored salts
  • Over fish-even the finest of fish from scallops to salmon can benefit from the fusion of natural flavors and sea salts
  • Sandwiches with a dash of flavored salts can transform the taste. I like to find a sea salt with lots of herbs infused and combine it with mayo to spread on cold or hot sandwiches
  • Your meat and potato sometimes crave a good salting. With beef, salts retain the moisture
  • Salads that include a lot of veggies or cold noodles are greatly enhanced when a dash of flavored sea salts are included
  • In sauces like homemade pico or guacamole, sprinkle a good blend of sea salts for a kick
When you flavor sea salt, the natural flavors added literally bind to each grain of salt and that is why the flavor is bold and a little can go a long way when salting with smoked or flavored sea salts. See all of the blends that the San Francisco Salt Company has to offer at


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