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The Safest and Most Effective Diaper Rash Treatment Just Got Bigger

I have partnered with Olen Cosmetics for this feature

The safest and most effective diaper rash treatment just got bigger

I still buy diaper rash cream…and I have no diaper babies!

Guess what? The popular Baby Butz diaper rash cream is now available in a larger 8oz size at Target stores! Their 2oz and 4oz jars are great for travel and in the diaper bag, but at home or in care centers, the 8oz size is much more practical. (Psst….I have no infants, but I keep Baby Butz in my cupboard for my 10 year olds chapped/dry skin around his face and feet during sports season when they peel and I use it on razor burn)

diaper cream

Why is Baby Butz my cream of choice?

I just love that turtle on the jar lid. He is always looking up at me when I grab my jar to use. It is a certified all-natural product, which is gluten and paraben-free and never tested on animals (many other brands out there cannot say this for themselves). As far as being effective, it actually stays on and heals fast.

diaper rash cream

Now at Target stores

As of July 29, 2018 you can find the new 8oz. size at most Target stores and at Olen Cosmetics for more on the Baby Butz diaper rash cream.

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