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Safe Deodorant for Kids Because Confidence Matters

I have partnered with Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool product for this feature

When they are ready your tween will suddenly need your help but will not ask for it. Parenting a tween can be challenging yet with a little effort and tools we will get them through these years with confidence and keeping communication open which is so important. Their bodies are changing and confidence matters so we are talking about safe deodorant for kids.


My son is 9 and I noticed his ‘tween smell’ before he did. It was in his shirts or when he came up to me for those sweet random hugs. My husband took him upstairs to talk about growing bodies and there comes a time when we are ready for deodorant. Enter Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool….



The Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool deodorants are for your tween when they are ready with fun scents like Summer Fun or Freestyle scents. There is no aluminum, petrochemicals or artificial preservatives or fragrances.


Michele Borba – globally-recognized educational psychologist and author of the new book UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About Me World – believes it’s critically important for parents to provide support as their child prepares for the new school year. Here is a Wicked Cool Bucket List to work through with your tween or teen to allow them the confidence that will get them through the teen years.


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Rebecca Swenor

I remember having this talk with my son. He was excited at that time to grow up. Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool deodorant sounds like something I will have to share with my sister for my nephew. Thanks for sharing the information.