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Stay Safe in the Dark with RunLites LED Gloves for Kids and Adults

I have partnered with RunLites for feature

Stay Safe in the Dark with RunLites LED Gloves for Kids and Adults

As summer ends, fall will move in and that means shorter days and eventually we are in a winter where it is dark at 4:30pm. My son doesn’t even start sports practice until 5-6pm so that means he is in a dark field at sports practice and I am in the car keeping warm and I have no idea what child out there is mine.

Also, my morning runs are in the dark which is intimidating when on the city trails. I could disappear and no one around would know what happened. This is why I will love having my RunLites Gloves for my son and I.

running gloves

These safety LED gloves have LED light attachments (or not if you choose to use the gloves during the day) and that keeps you safe and your child easy to see also. My son has the Spidey Red kids gloves and I am wearing the Green Flecks Running Gloves. They also have gloves for cycling, outdoors travel and everyday wear.

LED Gloves

The LED lights are sold separately and retails for under $20. They fit perfect into the pockets of the gloves. If you don’t have the LED lights they look great as standard gloves too.

running led

You can set the LED to 40 or 80 lumens and the light projects up to 35 feet ahead. They are rechargeable and secure into the glove with a strong velcro pocket.


The LED gloves fit great and they have so many colors and styles to choose from for kids, men and women. Visit RunLites to see them all and visit them on Facebook to stay up to date on the brand as well.

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