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Ruckus and Co. Smoothie Shakeups frozen to fresh-made smoothie snack

Ruckus and Co. Smoothie Shakeups frozen to fresh-made smoothie snack

A days work is hard sometimes. Even if you work form home, finding even 30-60 minutes to truly rest mid-work can be hardly enough time to break. But, when you know you have a fresh smoothie ready to enjoy made with real fruit, perhaps the second half of your day becomes much sweeter! Ruckus and Co. Smoothie Shakeups were meant to be stored in your lunch bag for that afternoon break.

Smoothie Shakeups will keep their cool for hours. By lunch you have a fresh-tasting smoothie snack that is so satisfying. They fit perfectly in your lunch bag and come in dairy and non-dairy options. They come in 2 flavors – Berry Banana Twist and Tropical Tango.

I love that these little bottles are recyclable and the care is not just in the environment but the ingredients also. The smoothies are made with ONLY real ingredients such as fruits and vegetable and are non-GMO and Gluten free!

Smoothie Shakeups are available nationally online at! Order yours today – they arrive ready to freeze and you will have one for your lunch by the very next day after they arrive!

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Christina Gould

I’ve never seen this brand before. I love the name. Thanks for posting!

monique s

these have great smoothie flavor options

Dana Rodriguez

These sound great. Ideal pick me up in the afternoon

monique s

the kids will be crazy about these fun flavor options

Elizabeth Miller

I have never seen these but I love it!!! We are big on morning smoothies because I can make a batch and everyone can grab a cup and go in the car to schools. This would simplify my mornings.

Jen Reed

I like the idea of a healthy snack for my family. I am always interested in alternatives.


What an awesome idea! I love that it thaws by lunchtime. The flavors sound delicious too.
Thanks for the review!


I drink smoothies as a healthy pick me up. Containing real fruits and vegetables is definitely a plus.


This will “shakeup” the kids’ lunch!


These look so yummy! 🙂

Darlene Carbajal

They look so tasty!

Susan Smith

These sounds yummy and I love that I don’t have to get out my blender to make a smoothie.


I like that the product can be stored in the freezer and then thawed, so you can stock up and drink it when you want without worrying they will go bad (at least within a reasonable timeframe.


These sound good. I would love to try these.

Darla Kidder

I love the Berry Banana Twist and Tropical Tango and I also love Strawberry yogurt smothies.

Lisa Lee Cook

These sound good and I’m just learning about them here. Thanks so much!

Kathy Peterson

These shakes have great flavors. Ingredients are healthy, no added preservatives. This could be the one the kids and for that matter myself woukd want to drink.

Christina moore

My granddaughter would love these, yummy

Amy Nick

love healthy food and drink ideas . love the article

deidra doggett

I love smoothies this would be awesome to try

Laurie Emerson

I have never seen this brand before. They look so delicious.

Andi HM

I want to try them especially that they use pure ingredients.