ROAM Homegrown artisan-crafted soy candles are elegant and natural

ROAM Homegrown artisan-crafted soy candles are elegant and natural

No matter the style of your space, ROAM Homegrown offers wellness gifts and artisan-crafted soy candles that look elegant while they burn. They are women-owned out of Austin, Texas and offer collections of scents that will remind you of your different journeys in life. They come in 5 collections: classic, smoke, cream and retro. I have the oversized cream candle in Grapefruit Saffron and this will burn for 70 hours!

ROAM Homegrown candles feature natural scents and phthalate-free fragrance, soy wax and 100% cotton wicks. My Grapefruit Saffron is a gentle and clean scent made of grapefruit, saffron, mint, ginger, lemon and vanilla. You can smell it already, can’t you! It sort of reminds me of sitting in Grandma’ forbidden living room. The hints of vanilla and grapefruit gives it a comforting aroma.

With Mother’s Day approaching, ROAM Homegrown candles make a great gift. More than just an average candle, these candles are natural and burn for a long time due to their quality ingredients. I want to actually keep mine in the RV and burn it while relaxing inside on cool nights after a day of hiking and adventure. Visit ROAM Homegrown to order a gift today!

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