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Rif6 Digital Wireless Headphones brings quality sound #wireheadphones

This is a promotional post for Rif6

What’s worse than good sound and uncomfortable headphones? How about comfortable headphones and horrible sound? That seems to be the case in headphones we have around our home. When I had the chance to review these Rif6 Digital Wireless Headphones, I was hoping I would finally get the comfort and quality sound in one set and I did! These headphones are full of comfort and put out the crystal clear sound it claims to. I wish it had bluetooth capability, but because the devices I play music from are nearby me anyways then plugging it into the base has not been a big issue after all.
About Rif6 Digital Wireless Headphones
  • 2.4GHz Digital UHF Technology
  • Top Charge Mechanism
  • Electronic Volume Control with Smart Volume Memory preset
  • Auto On/Off (when there is no signal)
  • Muting
  • 31-Channel Frequency Hopping System
  • Low Power Indicator Alert
When your headphones arrive, you get 2.4G Digital headphones, 2.4G Digital transmitter, 3/5mm~6.3mm stereo plug in, 3.5mm~3.5mm Direct Line-In Cable, NiMH AAA Size batteries, AC/DC adaptor, RCA cable and user guide. All you need to start enjoying the great sound right away!
You can find your Rif6 comfort on Amazon and it is an Amazon Prime product!

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