Remedium Candles are hand-poured and derived from nature

Remedium Candles are hand-poured and derived from nature

One of the best ways I love to add special touches to a clean space in my home is gentle aromas. I am not a fan of aromas such as pine trees or apple pie, I like crisp, clean, floral and relaxing scents. I also love clean burning candles and in modern vessels. Remedium candles are just that – modern and elegant. Their candles don’t just burn, they add modern aesthetics to your space in pleasant scents.

I love my Sea Salt & Orchid candle. This candle is a soft floral jasmine and muguet with bright salty highlights and creamy vanilla undertones. The wax is a natural coconut base with essential oils and pthalate-free fragrances. The wick is wood so the crackling of the flame is so soothing.

remedium candle

Remedium Candles are clean-burning, hand-poured in the US, eco-friendly and they last a long time. They come is modern canvas bag to make for a beautiful gift. Visit Remedium to order our favorite scent and add a modern touch to your space!

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