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Relax All Year Long with Mer-Sea Bath and Body Favorites

It’s as if the sea was bottled up twice and put into my bottle of bubble bath. The suds and aroma of chamomile is magical. Mer means ‘sea’ in French and then you combine mer and sea and that explains the bottled up relaxation in the bath products of Mer-Sea. August 15 was National Relaxation Day but as busy as we are, we deserve a moment to relax everyday.

Mer-Sea is more than just bubble bath. They stay with the beach theme offering artisan soy wax blend candles hand-poured in the USA as well as travel wraps, bags and scented home products as well as bath and body favorites.

The sea salt scrub is the right kind of exfoliation that leaves your hands and feet so soft after using. The fragrances are fantastic too.

Make sure you add a “Sea Change” scented candle to your order. All profits of that exact candle go to to provide clean water where needed.

Visit Mer-Sea and start your journey back to the beach (at home).

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Probably a hot bath with the addition of various oils is the best way to relax after a hard day at work. I often like to come to this spa, where different treatments are good for my body and which cannot be repeated at home.

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Perhaps the best way to relax after a long day at work is to take a hot bath with various oils added. vampire survivors, I love going to spas often because many of the activities there are good for my body.