Rejuvenate with RE:CHI’s wellness tea blends

Rejuvenate with RE:CHI's wellness tea blends

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, Re:Chi Wellness Tea brings to meaning that food is medicine. Chi = vital energy and it is from a balance with the mind, body and soul that holistic approaches to food and medicine can be the best preventative action towards optimal health. Herbs used in these teas are sourced from their native regions to ensure a truly natural variety. The herbs are organic, non-GMO and also made in 100% decomposable corn fiber bags.

I have sampled the Re: Energize Tea and Re: Fresh Tea. I am currently sipping on a cup of RE: Fresh tea for Digestion and Bloating as I write this because of the monthly bloat and cramping I get. This tea variety is made with Fo Shou, Hawthorn berry, Barley Sprout and Radish Seed. It has a very mild taste. The purpose of this Re: Fresh Tea targets food stagnation and counterflow of Chi in these digestive organs that may cause problems like indigestion, belching, and acid reflux. It has a taste that is a cross between flower and berry. It is very pleasant wellness tea.

The Re: Energize Tea is great when I don’t want multiple cups of coffee in my day. It has a mint-like flavor and is made of Ginseng, Goji berry, Schisandra and Mint. The purpose of this tea is replenishes Chi, Kidney, and Yin with powerful roots and berries to increases your energy level naturally without added caffeine.

As we move into a new year and craving a more balanced life and natural choices in our diets and lifestyle, Re:Chi Teas are a great stock up item for your kitchen. You can shop all of their teas and more on the Re:Chi website.

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