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Refresh, Restore and Repair with Colgate Total Daily Repair

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Refresh, Restore and Repair with Colgate Total Daily Repair
It is National Women’s Health week and now is the time to rethink your health habits. Perhaps it’s time to start those daily walks you talk about or get into the garden for some good exercise. You can always just make simple changes like updating your dental care routine with Colgate’s new Total Daily Repair line.
With the new Colgate Total Daily Repair you can refresh, restore and repair your dental health. There are 2 products in this new line:
  • Colgate Total Daily Repair Mouthwash– attacks and destroys the bad breath germs while helping to repair daily damage to your teeth
  • Colgate Total Daily Repair Toothpaste– helps repair early teeth and gum damage as well as freshens your breath and helps to whiten your teeth
It takes just a few small changes to feel like you took a big step in repairing daily damage and getting back on a healthy track. Products improve as time goes by and Colgate Total has now brought us dental products focused on repairing as well as preventing damage.
Visit Colgate Total for the entire dental care line for the entire family.
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