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Reducing Allergy Symptoms with NasalGuard – Video Review

I have partnered with NasalGuard for feature

Reducing Allergy Symptoms with NasalGuard - Video Review

Well, in a house of 3 we are 3:3 in seasonal allergy sufferers. Now you can add in my husbands frequent work traveling on airplanes to add contaminated air and a dog in the house and we are constantly breathing in everything that is trying to make us suffer. There are some options that treat the symptoms or systematically fight off allergens but those never work fast enough. Now there is a topical protection. Sounds too simple to be true, right? Not if you take a step back to science class…..

The allergen we breath in are particles, pollen, dander, dust, viruses are all tiny particles small enough yo enter our airway and cause us to react. What if we could walk around with an invisible mask that would keep us from breathing in those particles in the first place? NasalGuard is that “invisible mask”. I explain how it works in the video below….

NasalGuard lasts for 150 uses and 6 hours at a time so this little tube should easily last you all month if you were to use it everyday. At about $15 a tube that you can order at their website or on Amazon, that equates to about .50 cents a day!

It is easy to apply and is clear. We have had no reaction at all! Get yours today!

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