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Reduces plastic waste in your home with Canary Products

This photo above is equivalent to 4 moths of toothpaste and 14 bottles of hand soap! Imagine all the plastic waste any other way?! Canary is the brand for families who want to reduce plastic waste and also want to use natural ingredients from soaps and toothpastes made in the USA.

Canary Toothpaste Tablets come in flavors you love for mouth care. 240 count packs would last about 4 months at 1-2 a day. 1 a day is all that is needed for a clean mouth, but 2 gives you an extra foamy brush if that is your desire. These tablets are easy to use- just chew-brush-rinse out. I like to give a xylitol reminder that you will need to keep these safe from pets so they also come in a glass jar with lid for better storage. Xylitol is the natural sweetener used- great for humans. The bag is compostable so there is zero waste involved.

The Canary Foaming Hand Soap set is my new favorite. The scents are all the ones you want for your bathroom and hands and the waste is so little! You get a glass bottle that is reusable and then just buy the soap bars. All you do is break up a bar a bit, add warm water and walk away. In about an hour, the bar has dissolved and you have foaming hand soap. The soap does not contain any no parabens or sulfates and are free from harmful chemicals.

All Canary products are vegan and cruelty-free. You get to save space in your toiletry cupboard, use a lot less waste and get a naturally clean YOU! Shop Canary and make the better eco-friendly choice for everyday body products. You will love them as much as I do! Sign up for emails on their website and get a 15% off coupon! They ship for free over only $32 and there are subscription options too.

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