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Recognizing National CBD Day with Sagely Naturals

Last year (2018) the Registrar at National Day Calendar declared August 8 as National CBD Day to bring awareness to what CBD (cannabidiol) brings to millions of people annually.

CBD has surely made its entrance as a non-psychoactive cannaboid derived from the hemp plant and has come to show its potential healing powers from pain management to help with sleep deprivation and some other relief and treatments in between.

Finding a natural and safe source of CBD has been tough as so much more is to learn about CBD topical and digested products and all of the newer CBD brands claim to be the best. Sagely Naturals is one of the brands available from the Atlantic WeedBoard that I have used for a pain cream for my knees.

I also use some CBD treats for my dog’s anxiety and CBD has been a help in both knee pain and anxiety in my home, especially as we had firework anxiety with our dog last month.

The Relief and Recovery Cream from Sagely Naturals comes in 2 strengths, 25mg and 50 mg. I use the 25mg for my knees when the pain flares up. The original formula was created by PhD chemists, in state of the art facilities and with premium hemp, made only in the USA.

In a recent article, The ABC’s of CBD in women, it tells you what you need to consider when deciding in CBD treatments are right for you. You can them visit Atlantic WeedBoard website for information and products to help you.

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