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Ready to Read: Level One Books for Summer Reading

Ready to Read: Level One Books for Summer Reading

Ready to Read books are great learning tools over the summer to prepare your child for independent reading or a head start. Ready to Read: Level One books are for ages 4-6 and the first independent readers. These will have fun stories with appropriate words children in this skill level can master easily. If you are looking for Summer reading, these 2 titles are a hit!

Hairy, Hairy Poodle by Marilyn Singer

Poodle coming, poodle going.
Poodle’s curly hair is growing.
Poodle’s eyes are hardly showing.
Like the grass, that dog needs mowing!

See Poodle’s hair grow and grow and grow in this rhyming book for beginning readers. Buy on Amazon.

Red Truck Monsters: Race for First Place by Candice Ransom

Monsters high five. Monsters grin. Monsters hope their truck might win!

A family of monsters enter a race with their beloved red truck. But soon they realize the race is for monster trucks, not monsters in trucks! Can they still finish in first place? Buy on Amazon!

These titles are published by Simon Schuster.

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