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Raw and Unfiltered Honey On The Go

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My son likes to take his lunches to school and my husband will grab to-go breakfast as he walks out the door. Because of this I am always looking for healthy foods that make eating on the go easy and nutritious. My son loves honey and will put it on bagels, waffles and most other breads. I only keep raw and unfiltered pure honey in the cupboard and he lets me know when I am running low. Now Nature Nate’s has packets to put in lunches. My son thought he saw a glimpse of heaven when my packets arrived.


The reason I insist on only buying raw versus pasteurized type is because it still has it’s nutrients. When it is heated for pasteurization you lose the enzyme benefits. Nature Nate’s has only raw and unfiltered varieties and the value is fantastic. A 30 pack of individual packets is under $12. These will last for months of lunches.


Cooking and baking with honey is such a great way to get those enzymes into your diet and you can find delicious recipes at Nature Nate’s as well. I am eager to try their cherry honey ice cream recipe-yum! If you have honey lovers who pack a lunch or eat on-the-go, these packets are for them. My son has reserved them all for his school lunchbox.

Visit to learn more.

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