Quntis Solar Low Voltage Landscape Lights make your walkways safer

Quntis Solar Low Voltage Landscape Lights for safer walkways (Promo Code)

Our front path to our door has turns and multiple low steps. Without proper lighting, you can easily trip and hurt yourself on concrete. I have cycled a few lights from corded to spotlights and solar. The cord was awkward because I could only fit 2 in a space. Spotlights just are not aesthetically pleasing and my last solar lights just did not get very bright. Then I had the chance to try the Quntis Solar Low Voltage Landscape Lights and I have actually received compliments on their brightness and I have yet to use the level 2 brightness. I only keep them at the first level to get longer light in the night.

Besides being available on Amazon, the other convenience is that they are solar powered. Our darker, grey Pacific Northwest Days don’t seem to fade its charging capabilities. They also arrive with a feel of quality. I look at ones on retailers shelves and they just feel cheap and flimsy. The Quntis Solar Low Voltage Landscape Lights are sturdy and are well dug into the ground with the included stakes.

The 24 super-bright LEDs and unique optical lens design allow these lights to shine much brighter than other similar lights. They come with stakes for the ground or screws to wall mount to your outdoor walls or fences. They are waterproof and will do just fine in rain or snow. The 120° lighting angle is brighter, with a wider angle than other lights. These really are brighter with a wider range. I plan on getting another set for the backyard!

You can save! I have an Amazon promo code that will save you 10% off of these exact lights. Use code: S6V386QC and this does not expire until the end of 2026! The 6 packs runs $49.99 and right now there is a $5 coupon and you can still use my 10% off on top of that! Shop now!

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