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Quickly Clean your Car and Sneakers with these Ready-to-Use Erasers

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Quickly Clean your Car and Sneakers with these Ready-to-Use Erasers

In a world where we all had to stop and slow down this year, we seem a bit overwhelmed at the changes as well. When the Holidays near I have to get into a gift buying, entertaining, house decor mode! I love products that help me clean effectively and quickly like these sneakErasers and autoErasers. Open the package, scrub and wipe off. It is so quick and easy to clean your car interior and give my son’s shoes a quick clean.

The size of these make great stocking stuffers for anyone on your list! The sponges are 2-sided to scrub and wipe debris away. Look how white my son’s shoe soles got below! These shoes were not cheap and still fit him so a quick wipe down over the sink keeps them looking great.

I have the pre-moistened pads and the stack of pads I moisten myself with some water so how you want to buy and store the sneakEraers and autoErasers is up to you. I like the pre-moistened for my car because I can keep 2 or 3 in my console for emergency spills and use while out and about instead of letting spills dry and waiting to get home to my products.

These make the white soles shine. Only water is needed if they dry out in use. Keep some at home, in the gym bag, at the office, etc…

For instant auto detailing, visit autoErasers online. For better looking shoes, visit sneakErasers online.

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What a clever product. I love that they are individually packaged.

athena graeme

I love the individual packages. Great for travel or for putting in a locker.