Pura Smart Home fragrance is still my favorite home device

Pura Smart Home fragrance is still my favorite home device

Before the Holidays I began using the Pura Smart Home Fragrance unit and it is still my favorite fragrance device in my home! Scents to me mean, clean! When I tackle a part of my home to deep clean, I love turning on a favorite scent to give the room the aroma of clean and complete. Pura uses smart home technology so you can control your scents easily on your phone vis their free app.

The unit fits 2 scents so you have choices. Each scent can be scheduled as well as assigned an intensity scale. I like to start with my scents pretty low intensity (1) and decide to strengthen it if a lot is happening or doors are being left open, giving a need for more release. The unit is also a built-in nightlight and you choose the colors and settings.

The company was founded in 2014 by two men, Richie Stapler and Bruno Lima. The aim of the company is to deliver home fragrance products with no harmful chemicals or ingredients. You can shop for scents by type, room and strength. You can even take their scent quiz that will leave you with their scent blends that match your preference. Visit trypura today and order your set. Consider Pura Smart Home Fragrance for Mom on Mother’s Day and to help you through your spring cleaning by enhancing your scent mood!

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