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Puppies and Dogs bringing joy this season

style="clear: both; text-align: center;">Puppies and Dogs bringing joy this season
This month is already becoming so hectic. I have had to take time around work to sneak in extra shopping time, plan recipes and be prepared for parties and events. My kids want to hit up light displays and Santa needs a visit. We seem to be coming and going a lot more than usual this month with so much to prepare for and to stay in the holiday spirit. As much as you feel the added stress, so do your pets. They are most likely to feel stress when a usual routine changes suddenly.
Puppies and Dogs bring joy to us all year long and especially during the Holidays we need to remember them for all that they bring our families. There are brands and products out there that help with with fun ways to include our dogs in our holiday festivities from dog stockings to santa coats and festive dog bedding. We may feel we don’t give them much of our time but we really do want what’s best for them.
Don’t forget to make your dog feel special when days get stressful. Like children, they love one-on-one time and don’t forget to reward them even through the chaos. especially if you are hosting a gathering at your home with several strangers to your dog, have something special on hand to offer throughout the day or evening. Zukes has treats with only the finest natural ingredients that are free of common allergens, harsh additives and preservatives. Nothing but the best with options they will love. 
Zuke’s Genuine Jerky Steaks are a great option to have on hand. They are a good size treat that come in flavors your dog will love from Beef & Sweet Potato, Beef & Potato and Beef & Carrot. Your dog gets to devour a treat and benefit from the Omega-3 rich variety that comes from grass-fed New Zealand beef. No nitrates are used to preserve and they are natural. They deserve the best so give them treats with the best of ingredients. Zuke’s carries any treats from jerky to bones they will love. You will find Zuke’s in pet stores near you including some CO-OP’s.
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