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Product Feature – The Cozee battery-powered heating blanket

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. All opinions are 100% my own. There may be affiliate links within this post as well that could result in compensation for Parenting Healthy.

Let’s get warm! Winter is here and in my home I am the only one who has such a hatred for cold. I turn the heat up and the boys complain. I turn the fire on and they switch it off. Whatever the temperature they like, I can give it to them as long as I have my Cozee battery-powered heating blanket.

With my Cozee I can control the heat I want and it does not affect anyone else in the house. The battery pack fits snug in a hidden pocket near my hands for control and I can choose how much heat I need from it. Need warmth when out? It comes with a comes with a portable (car) charger that fits in those lighter ports.

What I love is that if I think ahead I will pre-heat the blanket like it shows in the video below for the best heating effect.

Even if you lose charge, this blanket will stay warm for a while! It is large enough I can even share it with our dog, Leah (she doesn’t shed so she is allowed to share my ‘good’ blankets if she is clean). She loves warm blankets unlike her doggy-sister, so I love the size. It also includes USB ports so I can charge my phone and devices as I rest warmly.

I also love the weight of this blanket. It’s almost like a light gravity blanket and having a bit of weight is so relaxing. Yet, it easily wraps and folds around my body. Because I suffer from Cold Urticaria, I can preheat my blanket, pop the charged battery pack in and take it to wrap up in for my son’s sports games during soccer season.

I have owned so many blankets in the past and the The Cozee is my absolute favorite and always will be! Even with my other heated blankets, they just don’t carry the soft texture and mild weight like this one does for the best comfort. Order The Cozee now from Life Giving Warmth!

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