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PRIMUS Junior Mesh Barefoot Shoe for Kids

PRIMUS Junior Mesh Barefoot Shoe for Kids

The moment my son walks through the door the shoes come off. If I have an outdoor task for him it ends with me upset again he ran outside without shoes on ruining his socks. The kid loves shorts everyday including winter and bare feet! The PRIMUS Junior Mesh Barefoot shoe from VIVOBAREFOOT is the perfect shoe for him!

VIVOBAREFOOT Has many ‘barefoot’ shoe styles for men, women and kids, but for this post I am featuring the Junior Mesh Barefoot shoe.

This shoe is made with breathable mesh with their PRO5 puncture resistant layer. 5x more puncture resistant than a standard sole of the same thickness. The Junior Mesh Barefoot junior shoe is a recycled PET and produced using animal free products and processes. How fantastic is that?!

Anthony did an immediate “ooh-aah” when he put these shoes on. He did examine them first with a look of concern about pulling a shoe on. He has some swim shoes with this pull-on style that are so hard to wiggle his feet into and I know he was thinking these would be the same struggle, but they weren’t! He slid them on with ease. Like any shoe, once worn in they will pull on and off with even more ease.

Do you have a ‘barefoot kid” like Anthony? Valentine’s Day is coming and they just got plenty of candy and toys for the holidays, so how about the gift of barefoot shoes? Anthony gives them a thumbs up!


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Thanks for your thoughtful review. I was wondering because the shoes are so hard to wiggle into if you sized up for your son’s pair.