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Prevent and Wear your Pain Away with these Two Pain Relief Brands

Whether you are working out at home right now or know you will be back to work after some time off in an active job where summer is nearing and chaffing is common, these products are what you will want to have on hand.

The following products will help in blister and pain relief and are made with healing ingredients to help relieve these discomforts. Starting with MedZone, they aim to make EveryBody feel better!

MedZone has products that work to prevent, treat and manage aches, pains, discomforts, wounds and skin-chafing issues. This BlisterZone stick is one such product that appears similar to a deodorant stick only this helps prevent friction that may cause blisters wherever you apply it.

The BlisterZone stick can be used on your feet where shoes, heels and boots may cause blistering. Swimsuits and work gear such as Military and Law Enforcement gear also can cause friction then blisters, so BlisterZone is here to help. MedZone also has pain rubs, sanitizers and muscle TENS massager packs to name a few. Visit MedZone to order your pain and chaffing products so pain doesn’t slow you down anymore.

Then there is a second brand, Nufabrx. Nufabrx is about infusing topicals such as capsaicin into fabrics such as foot or wrist compression sleeves. This is just one of many ways infused topicals can be of benefit. Nufabrx even has an infused pillowcase for acne. Where MedZone helps prevent and sooth minor pain and blisters, Nufabrx is the treatment of existing aches and pains.

One of the brands featured through Nufabrx is the Hemp Symmetry sleeves they make available at Everything Hemp store. This NEW Hemp Squeeze™ Compression Sleeve provides support, improved circulation, and zoned compression with the benefits of 150mg active CBD that remain effective after multiple (up to 25) washes.

Nufabrx also has Medicated Sleeves from the Ames & walker store. These sleeves for foot, hands, knees, arm and wrist are embedded with pain-relieving capsaicin, these gloves will help relieve joint pain and provide support for all-day relief. 

With Nufabrx you don’t apply creams, take pills or apply patches. You simply wear your healing ingredients. Their products respond to body movement and temperature, are comfortable and breathable and can be washed and used multiple times. I can get knee pain relief without really realizing it once I put the sleeve on! Visit Nufabrx for all that is available to wear your pain away!

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