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Popdarts is the next legendary dart game as seen on TikTok

PopDarts is the next legendary dart game as seen on TikTok

Maybe you have seen the TikTok videos that made Popdarts viral. This simple game is so addicting and when my teen saw the chance to try it out I had to partner with Popdarts. In darts, there is a simple scoring methond – a bullseye and points are calculated based on darts that stick and who is closest to the bullseye. Popdarts is very simple yet it can be played anywhere with no dangerous darts to wreck your walls or hang a board.

Dart game

The orange piece is your bullseye and can be placed on any surface right side up or sideways like on a stainless or glass door. They stick to smooth surfaces such as countertops, some appliances, windows, and glass doors. Then each player chooses a color and not only needs their dart to actually stick and stay, but be the closest to the bullseye marker. You play as many rounds as needed for a player to reach 21 points. This is a hit in the home or traveling and even at campsites.

It is best to show you how Popdarts is played in their video below. My son already saw the TikTok videos so perhaps you have seen play in action already.

Popdarts is so addicting and will get those kids away from the screen. It is so compact and can go anywhere. Just bring it out at any event and you will definitely gain payers real quick. They do have expansion packs to add in more players. Available on Amazon!

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