PoolCandy Inflatable LED Indoor/Outdoor Deluxe Buffet

PoolCandy Inflatable LED Indoor/Outdoor Deluxe Buffet

Better than a deep cooler and safer than food warming too fast in the sun, is the perfect size Inflatable LED Buffet Cooler from PoolCandy. Whether you need extra cold storage out for guests in the home or at an outdoor party, this will hold ice and beverages and/or food.

PoolCandy Float

The size takes up almost half the length of my long dining table so it holds a lot or wide plates. I worried about ots size and how easily someone could blow it up (without passing out needing that radius of air), but it was amazingly simple to get going and I slowly blew it up with pace -breath only in under 2 minutes. Using a compressor should take seconds. For the LED lights within, you just need 3 AA batteries (not included).

Buffet Float

You get an on/off switch for the lights that have 4 settings – off, steady, flashing and slow lights. The base easily holds a full bag of ice with some room to spare.

LED pool float

PoolCandy has so many fun pool floats and accessories. Some can be used indoors and outdoors and many are4 best around water and pool parties.

pool party supplies

Visit PoolCandy Inflatable pool toys to find some great inflatables to progress your summer pool, lake or beach gatherings.

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