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Play Classic Solitaire and other Free Online Games

Play Classic Solitaire and other Free Online Games

It has been such a busy back to school year! I am the head Secretary at our local High School and am new to my position at the school. What a year to start such a job! I went from having a cleaning routine, cooking up great meals after a long workout to days so busy I can hardly keep my eyes open after dinner. I am one of those people where when my day has been so hectic, I cannot calm down and get proper sleep while my mind is sill spinning. I need tricks to wind down and relax. Reading helps and so does playing simple games on my device. is perfect for settling down because I play games with no ads, no competition with anyone else and easy formats. I can play until my eyes close.

Candy House

I like to play Solitaire, Candy Crush, Blackjack and slot games. These are my go-to online games. I love the competition with friends via my downloaded apps I play online. is where I go when I don’t want to compete or better an ongoing score. I play the games I love simply for myself and without interruptions.

Candy House is a lot like a favorite game of mine and I love moving through the 50 levels. Blackjack is a lot of fun also and so simple. I love these games at the end of a long day.

blackjack has more than just my favorites. They have so many Solitaire games. But, they also have some classics. Whether reading a book to make my eyes tired or watching cards deal or candy drop, these reading and non-competitive, no-ad games are what it takes lately for me to get the shut eye I need.


I think many of you can relate to being so busy, we don’t unwind in time and get proper sleep. I wanted to share my go-to for ending my day and getting my rest…restfully! Try for a different free online games experience.

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Dana Rodriguez

I used to play Mahjong online quite a bit. Great way to relax.