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Plant-Based Broccoli Crust Pizza

Plant-Based Broccoli Crust Pizza

When we decided to cut carbs I found all things cauliflower, cauliflower pizza, rice, mashed. I actually dislike cauliflower but smother pizza sauce and mozzarella on it and I can stomach it. Broccoli and green beans are my favorite veggies so I was so excited that I can eat a broccoli crust pizza and ditch the cauliflower for a bit.

Broccoli, why not? When it is also hand-crafted and with fresh ingredients I have never felt so good about eating pizza. Pizza used to be a weekend treat, but finding healthier varieties with these veggie crusts means I can meal plan pizza into any night along with a delicious salad.

The worst part about the Spinato’s Pizza is deciding which one to try first. I typically love a good Margherita pizza so I had to try this brand’s version. Biting into my first broccoli crust was a bit comparable to a cauliflower in that it is thin and with a great crisp. With the broccoli crust you get a bit bolder taste- a bit more realistic to a flour dough crust. I love it!

Spinato’s uses vine-ripened tomatoes that are packed within 4 hours of harvesting. The cheese they use is rBST-free and their pizza sauce is authentic. It is obvious in the taste that every ingredient was thoughtfully chosen and especially as you taste the sauce. Visit Spinatos and see their store finder.

Comment: I was sent pizza to taste. Opinions are my own

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