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Pink Papyrus Leashes are Weather Proof and Sustainable

While we spruce up our homes and shop for our loved ones, Pink Papyrus is here to make sure your pup sits in style and walks with pride with weather proof and sustainable leashes and collars with a chic luxe gold hardware.

This is Antionette (not our dog, the collar). Our dog is Maya and she is wearing this pretty pink Antionette collar from Pink Papyrus. The collar has a gold D-ring and luxe gold hardware that adjusts to fit well. The collars come in 4 sizes from XS to Large.

Each Collar is finished with an organic vegan leather Pink Papyrus logo tag. Washing it is easy – just wash with soap and water and hang dry. We also have the Isabella leash that matches her collar. This leash features a padded organic neoprene handle to keep you comfortable!

Whether your dog deserves to sport a new collar, leash or fun apparel, visit Pink Papyrus to find the right design.

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