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The Pillowcase That Fights Knots and Tangles in Childrens Hair

I remember the dreaded hair brushing in mornings. Then I know parents who totally changed their child’s hairstyle just to avoid the rats nest.

With the Easy Mornings pillowcases from Madison & White you get an exclusive blend of fabric that allows hair to gently glide across the surface, reducing hair tangles and knots. Their satin is a blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. No harmful chemicals are used in the product or at the OEKO-TEK STANDARD factory.

The Easy Mornings kit comes with (2) pillowcases. I also love that they are wrinkle-resistant and washing is easy-just toss in the washing machine and dryer.

The standard cotton pillowcases always cause tangles in adults and childrens hair. Cotton loves water so it will pull moisture form your child’s hair and then that hair tangles and knots up due to friction and dryness.

With the Madison & White Easy Mornings set, your child’s hair glides across the ultra soft satin. Plus, their hair keeps its natural moisture which is very healthy. My first thought was how much time these pillow cases can save in the mornings, but it truly is more than that. Cotton does not allow your hair to remain healthy when every night it sucks out that moisture, so Madison & White offers pillow cases for everyone in the family that actually helps to keep your hair healthy. Shop Madison & White!

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