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Peppa Pig and me personalized story books for your child

This is  a promotional post for Penwizard

Attention Peppa Pig fans! Your child and Peppa’s family will go to many places together and have many celebrations together in these Peppa and Me stories. My son loves Peppa Pig and was so excited as we entered his name and created a story character that resembled him. We chose features such as gender, hair, skin and accessories. He could hardy wait for the book to arrive. There is something special about feeling featured or to see yourself,  as a child, written into a story. When it is with characters they relate to daily on TV or online, it makes it that much more special.
My son just started first grade and read through the book pretty well on his own. What made this story even more engaging for him is, unlike other personalized books he has, Peppa and Me mentions his name very often! His name is mentioned sometimes 2-3 times in a page. To see his character that resembles him along side Peppa made him smile through every page.
Peppa and Me personalized books come in 5 fun adventurous stories
  • Peppa Pig Christmas Party
  • Peppa Goes to your Child’s Party
  • Peppa Christmas
  • Your Child and Peppa go to Playgroup
  • Peppa and Your Child Go Swimming
In these stories, your child’s name is on the cover title and throughout the book. They will appear as the image you create by choosing features that physically resemble your child. You also can attach a special message for the first page inside to your child.
Whether you are Mom/Dad, Aunt/Uncle, Grandma/Grandpa or family friend, you are sure to bring a book that will have that child engaged and they will forever have this book on their shelf.

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was given a book for review. All opinions are 100% my own

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