PediPocket Plush Fleece Blanket with a Foot Pocket

If you follow my postings you know that I love to feature different cold weather products. I suffer from Cold Urticaria and it seems to be getting worse each year. I also have a son who plays outdoor sports so that has me sitting on cold, wet soccer fields in the fall and into winter. Blankets, umbrellas and warm clothing are a must and the type of material does matter so I can feel comfortable in my own skin.

This is the plush fleece blanket from PediPocket in Cozy Cappuccino color. It is sewn so that the foot is a pocket, making wrapping the blanket around feet and ankles easy and secure from the cold air. It is 6 feet in length so you get full leg/body coverage as well.

Product details:
50” x 70”
20” foot pocket
Plush fleece with a velvet feel
Machine washable and dryer friendly

PediPocket has different blankets with the foot pocket available from XXL sizes to kids blankets so everyone can have one. No more blanket wars!

You can get your blanket ordered before summer ends in the PediPocket online shop and on Amazon. If you enter your email at the PediPocket website you will be sent specials and deals. I get them quite often.

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