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Parenting Thursday: Getting Kids To Keep Their Room Clean And Tidy

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It is sad that so many children go for video-games and TV shows instead of keeping their own room clean. As a mother I know how difficult kids are when you mention the word “cleaning”, especially when cartoon hour is on. But people learn how to cope with kids – it is just not that hard.

All you need is a little bit of patience, a little bit of discipline and a whole lot of love. Remember, being a good parent means that you and you alone are responsible for teaching your kids proper hygiene; both at home and in school. If a child grows up without healthy cleaning habits you can expect that their adult behavior wont be any different.

 Tip #1 Lead By Example

If I can name just one reason I believe that humans are superior to all other living things, it would be our ability to learn new information. When we are young our brains soak up information like sponges, and the way we do that is by mimicking the behavior we around us. Impressionable young, like they say. So if you want your kid to be neat and tidy, there has to be at least one positive role model in the child’s life. And if you are not the tidiest person in the world, this is okay – no one is perfect. The idea is showing your children exactly what they are suppose to do: making the beds; keeping their toys organized; folding their clothes etc. You must make sure, that your children are well aware of their responsibilities and the correct way to perform each and every one of them.

Tip #2 Add An Incentive 

As adults, we can understand the importance of cleanliness in our daily lives. After all, we overcame sicknesses, such as the black plague, by implementing sanitation in our homes. Children don’t know why cleanliness is so important, all they care about is that they have a roof over their heads. But if you add a little incentive (a new PS5 game for example), you know they will do everything in their power to please you. Whether or not this is real learning I let you decide, but the results will more than speak for themselves. You don’t have to do this every time of course; just for children you are young and don’t know much about the world yet. Older children you reward with positive re-enforcement and and a hearty “Job well done”.

 Tip #3 Make it a routine

It is not enough if your kids made their beds once, twice or even for a whole month straight. If you want your kids to learn important life lessons, you must make sure that they perform their cleaning responsibilities each and every single day. But this doesn’t only relate to young children. Messy
teenagers too must be taught a proper lesson in hygiene; before they are all grown-up and it is too late. If you want your kids to stay with the lessons you are teaching them, you will have to watch over everything for at least the first couple of years. Once you see everything is under control, and
your kids are doing what they are suppose to be doing, you know you have done your job.

Author Bio: July Minor is passionate about home improvement and cleaning tips. She currently runs and loves to write for different blogs.

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tara pittman

Making it a routine is a great idea. I always make my boys clean up before story.


I love the tip of making it a routine.

Michelle F.

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