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Thank you for visiting! I want you to know that I value a relationship within working with brands. I am here for you because you help support me! Below you will find stats, opportunities and the boring rules!


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Product Reviews: I do not charge a fee for review posts if product value reaches a $40 minimum (product/multiple products, product + credit or other combinations for minimum value in exchange for my work or to purchase post/recipe items). Product reviews are posts with links, original photos and shared multiple times on social media accounts. I do not return product sent.

**I understand that food and some beauty products have lower price points so I am happy to adjust that minimum value for you-just ask if you cannot meet the $40 value.

Sponsored Posts (when no product is sent): Fees for a post with no product vary. Sponsored posts are posts with links, perhaps some original photos and shared multiple times on social media accounts (Rates vary) Let me know if you would like a personalized proposal sent that will best benefit your brand.

Video reviews: Parenting Healthy has a brand new You Tube channel and video reviews are accepted at a rate. Email for inquiries. (Rates vary from $40-75)

MY READERS LOVE GIVEAWAYS: I do not charge a fee if giveaway is part of a product review or sponsored post if I can create the widget with some follow tasks. I do not ship to winners so I would send you the winners information when contest ends.

Video Reviews by Anthony (children products YouTube channel): Anthony would love to review your product on YouTube. Same rules apply as stated above for reviews and/or sponsored posts.

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Ambassador: Average Ambassador Pricing: Ask for a proposal

Current Ambassador Partnerships I Have:


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